Spiritual Life

Encountering God

We want all students to encounter Jesus Christ on a personal level during their school career. In the classroom each day, teachers model the Christian life and integrate God into every subject of study. Our faculty members are dedicated educators who serve as caring, loving models of Christianity. They mentor students and help form their character.

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All students take a Bible class each school year helping them to understand the principles of God’s Word. These classes form a basis for formulating a solid Christian worldview. In middle and high school, students also learn to defend their faith by studying other religions and their respective philosophies, contrasting other worldviews with Christianity.

FRCS students know that God has a plan and purpose for their life, and are involved in  ministry during their FRCS years, and after graduating. A strong dedication to Christ is evident among the students: they worship, pray for one another, and urge each other on to greater devotion. Every facet of life at FRCS is centered on the reality of Jesus Christ being in our midst.

Opportunities for Encountering God

  • Spiritual Life Retreats
  • Bible classes/Curriculum
  • Faith integration in all subjects
  • School-wide spiritual themes
  • Community outreach and ministry
  • Student-led Bible studies and worship teams
  • Spiritual emphasis weeks
  • Devotions and prayer
  • Weekly chapel
  • Visual and performing arts

Instilling Godly Wisdom

Scripture states that respect for the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. FRCS believes that in order to develop wise young people who will excel in life and avoid the dangers of our society, we must start with the solid foundation. We build with a firm structure of knowledge and skills; and then we cultivate discernment, or the ability to think and apply knowledge judiciously. The best way to do that is to read widely, study deeply, and discuss broadly. Superficial coverage of material is not a priority. Guided by Christian faculty members, students study history, literature, and the sciences with depth so that they can develop wisdom. Class structures help build trust and an environment that promotes working together. The intimate atmosphere of a small school allows teachers to work with students for several years, coaching them to achieve new understandings. In a rapidly changing society, the ability to think and evaluate, based on the lessons of the past and God’s Word, is a great advantage. Our students leave FRCS prepared to choose widely in an increasingly complex world.

Opportunities for Instilling Wisdom include: Devotions, Class discussions, Excellent literature, Instruction by Christian teachers, Christian living and apologetics courses, and American and World Studies programs.

Opportunities for Instilling Wisdom

  • Devotions
  • Class discussions
  • Excellent literature
  • Instruction by Christian teachers
  • Christian living and apologetics courses
  • American and World Studies programs

Franklin Road Christian School

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