HI-YAH! Martial Arts is one of the many after-school classes that FRCS offers for elementary students. Other classes include chess, sewing, and worship dance. Chess started on September 13 in room 261(the MS/HS art room), and it ends on November 15. Chess has many benefits including: memory development and concentration, plus develops logic and critical thinking. Next, we have sewing which started on September 16 in the Media Center. It is led by Toni Davison from the Fashion Factory. Worship dance is in the chapel, and it started September 15. It is taught by Miss Sarita Mehta, a  graduate of FRCS. Finally, there is Martial Arts. It is in the 345 room, and led by Don Fradlis. Martial Arts started on September 12.

Emma Webster and Ariela Boboc, 8th Grade