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High School Electives

Not all electives are available every year.

Band/Studio Orchestra

High School Studio Orchestra is where students can let their musical talent be heard. Students will learn to perform on their own and with others, learn improvisation and melodies, how to read music, and listening to and analyzing music. (Top)

Multimedia Design

Understanding the production of digital media is crucial for multimedia design.  Students will use both local and Web 2.0 programs to create digital presentations. (Top)

Graphic Design

Digital images are the canvas of today’s world.  Students will learn the principles of 2 and 3 dimensional design utilizing web based and professional programs.

Computer Programming

Students will learn the concept of Object-Oriented Programming through the use of pseudo-code, JAVA, and other high level programming languages.   Students will gain a higher understanding in logic and mathematics as well. (Top)

Physical Education

In Physical Education, students will show increase muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, body awareness, and agility through fitness and recreational exercises. They will also work together in team sports. (Top)

Spanish III and IV

The Spanish classes at FRCS are part of a K-12 program. Spanish III and IV are high school electives that build upon the speaking, writing, listening and reading skills learned in previous years. Spanish III covers all of the major verb tenses and continues to emphasize communicative competence. Spanish IV is a discussion oriented-course in which the students apply their knowledge by reading and discussing books and talking about their daily life. Both courses are designed to help students test out of the first and second year of college Spanish. (Top)


The primary goal of this course is to introduce the student to the American Business Economy and how it operates. The student will learn how to prepare and make decisions as consumers, wage earners, and citizens within the economy. (Top)


Students study people, places, and environments at local, regional, national, and international levels from the spatial and ecological perspectives of geography. (Top)

Street Law

The main focus of Street Law is to provide practical information and problem solving opportunities that develop in students the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt to our legal society. Biblical and moral principles will be applied to current day cases and situations in this study of law. (Top)


Yearbook is devoted to the creation of the school yearbook. In this class, students study photography and journalism to document the highlights of the year. (Top)




In this introductory course, students will have the opportunity to gain skill, confidence, and fluency in public speaking.  Students will develop and understanding of both basic communication principals and public speaking strategies through their application of these principals to a variety of speaking assignments.  (Top)


The art students will understand and apply the basic principles and elements of design. They will be able to employ a variety of media and creative processes. Appreciation and recognition of artistic qualities found in nature will be emphasized. Creativity and self-expression will be encouraged. (Top)

Vocal Ensemble

In ensemble students learn sight-reading, music theory, proper vocal technique and performance etiquette. They sing in chapel services and perform in three major concerts a year, Christmas, spring and in February honoring grandparents. (Top)


In Photography, students will learn the techniques, tools, materials, and methods of Photography. The students will be asked to take unique photographs to demonstrate their knowledge of how to manipulate their camera in a creative manner. (Top)

Web Design

The principles of web design are essential for the flow of information.  From local to Web 2.0 programs, students will create websites that utilize today’s rhetoric. (Top)

Worship Band

In Worship Band students will understand biblical principles regarding worship, and lead in praise and worship as spiritual leaders among their peers, also they will lead worship in Chapel services. (Top)

Office or Teacher’s Aid


College Course



Forensics is “creative” or “dramatic” public speaking. There are over ten categories of possible presentation formats that include storytelling, dramatic poetry, serious prose, and readers’ theater. Students will create and revise multiple presentations during the course. (Top)

Creative Writing

Students will read and interpret a variety of poems and short fictional works by a variety of authors (classic to contemporary). Through reading and writing activities, students will gain a sound understanding of the elements of a poem, poetic techniques, and the various forms that a poem can take. Students will also master an understanding of the elements of fiction and apply this understanding to their own written creations. Students will be encouraged to submit at least two “perfected” pieces for possible publication to a contest or literary magazine. Student projects will also include, but not be limited to, short dramas and children’s and young adult pieces. Aside from broadening students’ literary scope, helping them read with a critical eye, and exposing them to constructive criticism, this class will perhaps most importantly cultivate within them an aesthetic appreciation for the beauty of language. Students will participate in “rough draft workshops,” during which their writings will be read, discussed, proofread, and critiqued by fellow classmates and the teacher. In place of a traditional exam, students will be required to create and present a multi-faceted portfolio.


This course includes a basic overview of psychological theory and practice. Students will also critique trends in modern psychology from a Christian worldview. (Top)



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