A dynamic and balanced program gives young children an ideal start.

Franklin Road Christian School Kindergarten provides a loving and joyful atmosphere in a structured and nurturing environment; a place where Jesus Christ is the center of every aspect of the program and young students continue with their adventures in life-long learning. The classroom is a dynamic place where children are involved in the learning process through a hands-on approach. Our full-day kindergarten offers opportunity for little learners to discover knowledge through varied activities full of wonder, play, and the miracle of learning.


The Language Arts program revolves around a phonics-based curriculum coupled with literacy activities, resulting in most children reading quite early in the school year.  We meet every student right where they are, and make sure they are mastering each specific skill as they develop their reading and language arts skills.

F.A.S.T. Reading

A wonderful component to kindergarten is a phonics and reading program called F.A.S.T. This program appeals to many different learning styles and is an ideal fit for a kindergarten classroom, allowing students to be involved in the reading and phonics process through a board with magnets representing sounds. This program has several different components: reading, writing, board work, spelling, and instruction time. Through all of these different centers and small group work, students are able to gain ownership over the information they’re learning, allowing for incredible jumps in understanding of phonics and reading… as well as a great gain in reading confidence!

Literacy Activities include:

Public speaking Poetry and Rhymes
Listening skills Word Work Manipulatives
Handwriting Letter-sound activities
Story telling Vocabulary and Spelling
Journal writing Learning Centers (differentiated learning)
Big books and trade books Small and whole group activities

Bible Curriculum

IMG_0195Children are created in God’s image with His plan and purpose embedded in each one. Learning to be a kindergarten student is challenging, and it is the goal of FRCS Kindergarten to facilitate the students’ growth and development of their God-given personalities, learning styles, gifts, and talents as they blossom and adapt to their new world in school.

The Bible provides the text for life, and teaching children to love and honor the Lord, and to learn from His Word and ways, is of paramount importance at FRCS Kindergarten. The faith of each child is cherished and nurtured as they discover God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Bible comes alive through reading, drama, and projects. Character development is also important, with a focus on loving God, loving others, and the development of the fruits of the spirit.


Biblical truths are integrated throughout core curriculum and the children come to know that God is involved in every aspect of life – from the sun in the sky and the beauty of color, to the black and white letters on a written page. A classroom “trip” to God’s Zoo not only teaches children about their favorite animals but also that God made them. Munching on ABC fruits and vegetables is a yummy way to discover the marvelous foods God created for us.

Science Lab 

Kindergarten students enjoy hands-on science lab two times per week, and are working on developing critical thinking and lab writing skills.  Students always begin class with a question and are engaging in the scientific method in order to complete their labs.  Science topics in kindergarten include:  observations with our senses, earth science, pushes and pulls, and the basic needs of living things.


Kindergarten students visit the hands-on elementary tech lab every week to learn proper keyboarding skills, logging in and finding applications, beginning research skills, and creative applications to make colorful projects.


Numerical concepts are taught through teacher instruction and center activities. Children use manipulative materials and games, along with real-life experiences, to discover number recognition and value, addition, subtraction, time, money, and measurement.

Enrichment Studies

Enrichment studies enhance the children’s growth and education through visual art, vocal music, physical education, Spanish language, and chapel.

Full Day Program

Franklin Road Christian School Kindergarten is a full day program that builds a solid academic foundation for elementary school while providing time for purposeful play. The longer time period creates the opportunity for many exciting, in-depth thematic explorations.


Kindergarten students enjoy posing in the reading loft in the classroom. It’s a favorite spot!

A typical day might look like the following:


  • Morning Work
  • Pledges/Prayer
  • Morning Meeting- Calendar, greeting, read-aloud, sharing
  • Reading-Phonics, FAST program
  • Centers-Daily 5 (Read to Self, Read to Someone, Work on Writing, Word Work and Guided Reading groups)
  • Snack/ Bathroom Break
  • Handwriting-Handwriting Without Tears curriculum
  • Math
  • Lunch


  • Recess
  • Enrichment:  Art, Gym, Vocal Music, Spanish, Science Lab, Tech 
  • Social Studies
  • Bible/Worship time
  • Clean up
  • Dismissal

We made it! Kindergarten Graduation is a special day at the end of the year. The children wear their caps and gowns and present a program, proudly demonstrating their new skills, knowledge, and testimonies of their faith. It is a wonderful and exciting end to the school year.



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