Fourth Grade at FRCS

Reading, singing and many field trips means never a dull moment in fourth grade!

In fourth grade, students have fun while they are learning through singing, acting, projects and field trips. They also focus on organizing their school work and managing their time.


Grammar usage and mechanics is an important focus in fourth grade.  Students master all parts of speech, as well as learn and present a play on them.  Daily journal writing and writing assignments help students improve their writing techniques, as they improve their vocabulary.  Spelling/Vocabulary tests are a weekly event.

Literature Circles

Students enjoy participating in literature circles, where each student chooses a book to read from the group offerings, and then completes the book and assignments every three weeks, with their group.  Fourth graders learn a love for reading, and continue to work on verbal reading fluency, as well as comprehension, and deductive reasoning.  Students study writing tools and skills, and are able to recognize and use more advanced writing and reading techniques.


Fourth grade students reach out to the community through caroling at nursing homes during the holidays. In Bible class, students learn to love the Word of God, and memorize a verse for every letter in the alphabet.   Scripture meanings and practical applications are part of the learning process every day. Weekly scripture memorization is also expected.


The math curriculum is called Progress in Mathematics.  It uses interactive teaching methods and materials to help young students understand the mathematical concepts.  It has consistent, cumulative review of the concepts taught and encourages memorization of math facts. The practical application of math skills is evident through critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving skills in real life situations.


In history, studying the development of America and how we became a great nation takes up much of the year.  An exhibit on famous explorers starts things off, and the popular Living History fair allows students to “become” a famous American for guests including intense work on a research paper and speech.  States, their capitals, and location on the map are learned, and students also do a unit on Michigan history and government.

Science Lab 

Fourth grade students enjoy hands-on science lab three times per week, and are working on developing critical thinking and lab writing skills.  Students always begin class with a question and are engaging in the scientific method in order to complete their labs.  Science topics in fourth grade include: Space as viewed from Earth, properties of and changes in matter, energy transfer and the relationships and requirements of living things.

Technology Lab 

Fourth  grade students enjoy hands-on technology lab every week, and progress in their word processing skills, document formatting, research skills, and other application work which allows them to complete creative projects.  Students work in Office 365, from which they submit completed assignments.

Enrichment Studies

Enrichment classes are engaging. Students continue with Spanish language, Science lab, tech lab, visual arts, vocal music, physical education, and library. In music, the recorder is introduced in preparation for the band program in the fifth grade. .

Fourth grade is full of discovery, fun, and new opportunities.


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