FRCS is giving our students the opportunity to participate in a Distracted Driving Experience with some real life scenarios. CBS Channel 62 was on-site to film. Superintendent, Dan Robinson was interviewed. The piece will air on Monday morning at 7:25am, 7:55am, 8:25am, and 8:55am.

FYI – Information about the “Distracted Driver” Experience
On behalf of PEERS Foundation, and with the generous support of the General Motors Foundation, I would like to formally invite your school to take part in a research project that could alter the driving habits of young people and save lives.
The PEERS Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that specializes in educational programming for children and young adults. We have received a grant from the GM Foundation to address the problem of distracted driving. To that end, we have been commissioned to conduct a 60-day study with several schools, and we would like your school to be one of them. The results will be submitted to the GM Foundation for further development.
We have developed driving simulators that use virtual reality (VR) technology to safely demonstrate the dangers of driving while texting and other unsafe driving behaviors. Thousands of young drivers or drivers-to-be have experienced our VR simulations through AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign, Toyota’s TeenDrive 365 campaign, and State Farm Insurance’s 2×2 campaign.
Now the next generation of simulation technology has arrived: augmented reality (AR). We have added AR enhancements to our simulation for even greater realism. In order to study the effectiveness of our updated simulation technology, we would like to bring our newest simulators to your school and enlist 60 of your students to participate in our research.

This project is entirely funded by the GM Foundation for the purpose of research; there would be no cost to the school.
Again, because this project is completely funded by the GM Foundation, there is no cost to the school, but we would need the cooperation of the school and the participating students to complete all components of this
60- day research project.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “In 2015 alone, 3,477 people were killed, and 391,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.”1 If you would like to assist in our effort to reduce these figures while providing some of your students with a free driving simulation experience, please contact me at the above address for more information.